Sunday, 26 October 2014

Do you Tsu?

So I have had a few discussions of late with many other teacher bloggers, about this new social media platform called Tsu (say Sue) and have started up a Mrs Poultney's Ponderings page to share ideas, tips, and lots of fun with my followers.

You may ask how is this different to Facebook or other social media sites?
For one we own the content and so our followers get to see ALL of our posts not just one's based on an algorithm or likes or the amount of comments on a post.  I can tell you that for many people who have a page this is quite a frustrating thing particularly when having giveaways or freebies going out to our fans.  This is very appealing to me both as a poster and a follower.

It is free to join but there is an opportunity to earn some money....don't plan on getting rich :)

You have to be invited by a user to register so if you want to sign up to follow some amazing teacher bloggers.  If you want to sign up here is my link  This helps to build your following as well as revenue for sharing.

You can choose privacy settings as public or friends only and decide to follow or friend someone. There is already a community of teachers there now all with interesting posts about their classroom and experiences.

If you are looking for more information Blair at One Lesson at a Time has written a very comprehensive blog post about it which you can read here!

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