Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Setting goals 2016....I'm Back!

Hey there friends!  Wow it has been such a looooong time since I have blogged!  I will tell you that 2015 was an extremely busy time for me both in the classroom and at home and as I am only human I knew that something had to give, I had to slow down with a few things so that I didn't implode haha!

I am happy to say that 2016 will see me finally in my own classroom teaching a Prep (Kinder) class.  I have been job sharing for the last two and a half years and while I have loved collaborating with my teaching partners I am very excited to finally have my own class again.  I have about a month before I head back to school and I am busy, busy, busy getting things ready and sorting through all of my resources at home, oh and of course...shopping!

I have really enjoyed my Christmas break catching up with my family and still have more to go.  I have also finally got around to having a little look at some new resources to create for next year, make sure you keep posted for those.  In the meantime I know lots of my Northern Hemisphere friends have already gone back to the classroom so here is a little freebie to help your students with goal setting in 2016, hope you like it!

One of my goals this year is to improve my blog posts and to post more regularly :) Enjoy friends!