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Friday 4 November 2016

Twinkl, Twinkl

Hey friends!

I wanted to share a website with you that I have been using this term.  Twinkl is a great education resource website that has Australian Curriculum aligned resources for you to download and print. You can save your resources to your computer or to your account which means you can access it from any computer as long as you have an internet connection.

I used some great Jack and the Beanstalk resources in my first couple of weeks back at school to support my Biological Science and integrated it with my literacy block as well as rotations.

The great thing about using Twinkl is that all of the resources look similar so that it is a seamless transition from one activity to the next.

The first thing we used was the narrated story of Jack and the Beanstalk which I had saved in my account, it opened in a new window and to save it on to my computer I just right clicked and saved as an mp4 file.  There are options to save the resource as other files such as a PowerPoint which is also very helpful.  I used this as my Close Read and we discussed some of the vocabulary from the story and then went on to talk about the characteristics of Jack.

Some of the other items I used were an oral language picture, plants and fruit/vegetables matching cards, counting to 20 and a Jack and the Beanstalk game.

Needless to say my kiddos loved all of the activities.  It is a great save when you have to quickly get together a lesson or activity on the run as well as a great way to help you plan a unit.

If you are an Aussie teacher then you are in luck!  Twinkl caters for our curriculum!That's right there is a whole section for the Australian curriculum and is organised by year level as well as topic or content.

You can join as a premium member individually or as a school and there are 3 different levels of access with different price points so a great way to cater to a variety of teacher budgets.

So if you are a time poor teacher who still wants to have great resources for your students this may be the answer for you.

*Disclosure: This review is an honest opinion of the author in return for a 6 month membership*