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Saturday 30 May 2015

Five for Friday

Ok, I was going to post this last week but life got in the way....again.  Time seems to be something I am very short on these day!  This Five for Friday is actually over the last 2 weeks.

I have been such a bad blogger lately, all I seem to have time for is Five for Friday!  Don't think it is going to get better anytime soon with reports needing to be done in the next 3 weeks.

Well I am glad you joined me even if I am a bad blogger at the moment :)

Last week we had our national testing on literacy and numeracy, known as NAPLAN.  I am happy to say that all of my students completed the test with very little anxiety.  I am so glad it is over and as a reward I gave our kiddos an art and craft morning, they were so excited.  It was so quiet in the classroom as they concentrated on their creations, then some quiet social talk, it was a really lovely morning and a beautiful way to start the day.

This was one of the results of our Art morning.  We are calling them Autumn leaves in a Puddle, we love, love, love them :)

We had our cross country run last week, this is my son just as he finished his race.  We were so blessed to have beautiful sunshine even though it was freezing!

We have been using my Doubling Koalas game in Year 2 as we explore using doubles and near doubles as a mental computation strategy.  This game has 3 different levels so it is great for differentiation, oh and the kiddos love it!

I have already put in a solid 4 hours on my reports today and I think I will probably have another 8 hours left till I am finished them, luckily the weather is co-operating and it is cold, wet and miserable so I feel quite happy to snuggle under a blanket with a cup of tea and type, type, type away.  

 Then it's Parent Teacher Interviews in the last week of term, oh the joys!

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Saturday 9 May 2015

Five For Fraturday

I feel like I am getting my maths groups under control finally!

This group is working on some addition games on imaths

This is my small teaching group.

This group is games

This is an independent group working on the Multiplication Station from Shelley Gray.  I purchased this in the TpT sale last week.  It. Is. Awesome!  
It is a self paced practice with the students tracking their progress.  I had to be very specific about how to use it and we still had some kiddos put things back incorrectly.

So Maths groups running smoothly at the moment, of course that will all be screwed up next week with our national testing.  Boo!

We had the first snowfall for the year.  This is what greeted me Tuesday morning walking in to school.  It has been bitterly cold all week and the kiddos had many inside playtimes.  Not good for our sanity people.

This is some art work I have been doing with my Year 2's we call this Autumn leaves in a puddle :)  I am going to do a blog post on how we did this in the week coming  I love how these turned out!  

I have a little who is having trouble with recognising shapes in different formats so I am whipping up a shapes packet for him to work on.  I hope to have it finished this week!

Tomorrow is Mothers Day, we made some gorgeous cards that I forgot to take photos of!!!  I am looking forward to a brunch made by my daughter (pancakes with fresh berries and yoghurt) and son.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummies out there for tomorrow.  I hope you get loads of cuddles and love.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Teacher Appreciation Sale!

What better way to show appreciation for teachers than to throw a sale, because we all know how much of our own money goes into our classrooms.

So with that in mind, TpT is hosting a 20% off site wide sale, my store is all 20% off and by using the promo code THANKYOU at the checkout you can get an extra 10% off at the checkout.

Oh and here's an extra little tip, make sure you go back and leave feedback on your previous purchases to gain TpT credits towards your purchase.

Here are a few items you might like :)  Just click on any of the pics to check them out in my store.

Full of templates and suggestions on how to run a Personal Interest Project or Genius hour in your classroom.

This is updated each year and offers calendars, reading comprehension, writing and art and craft activities.  Currently running for the 2014 -2015 you will be able to download all the future calenders for FREE after your first purchase.

Your students will love finding all the letters and words for each letter of the alphabet while finding the way through the maze.

My kiddos love using the activities in this pack, full of posters, cards, printable, number lines and games.

Finally for Mothers Day these are quick activities that will become treasures.

Saturday 2 May 2015


Thanks to everyone who entered our Rafflecopter for our awesome Swap, Share, Give linky.  We hope you enjoyed reading more about our products and got yourself a freebie.

The winner has been chosen and is now receiving ALL of the products that were reviewed, that's 12 fabulous prizes!

Congratulations to Miryam and we all hope you enjoy your fabulous prize.