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Saturday 9 May 2015

Five For Fraturday

I feel like I am getting my maths groups under control finally!

This group is working on some addition games on imaths

This is my small teaching group.

This group is games

This is an independent group working on the Multiplication Station from Shelley Gray.  I purchased this in the TpT sale last week.  It. Is. Awesome!  
It is a self paced practice with the students tracking their progress.  I had to be very specific about how to use it and we still had some kiddos put things back incorrectly.

So Maths groups running smoothly at the moment, of course that will all be screwed up next week with our national testing.  Boo!

We had the first snowfall for the year.  This is what greeted me Tuesday morning walking in to school.  It has been bitterly cold all week and the kiddos had many inside playtimes.  Not good for our sanity people.

This is some art work I have been doing with my Year 2's we call this Autumn leaves in a puddle :)  I am going to do a blog post on how we did this in the week coming  I love how these turned out!  

I have a little who is having trouble with recognising shapes in different formats so I am whipping up a shapes packet for him to work on.  I hope to have it finished this week!

Tomorrow is Mothers Day, we made some gorgeous cards that I forgot to take photos of!!!  I am looking forward to a brunch made by my daughter (pancakes with fresh berries and yoghurt) and son.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummies out there for tomorrow.  I hope you get loads of cuddles and love.

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  1. That mountain picture is beautiful! Indoor recess is rough, so I feel your pain. Hope you have a great Mother's Day!
    Very Perry Classroom