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Friday 2 November 2012

Help needed- Teachers Help Teachers linky

Hi all!  I have had a wonderful week at school, with a mini breakthrough on what a prefix is and a brainwave for narrative writing that I will share next week with you.

This post is primarily to let those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy know that people from the other side of the world are thinking of you and are willing to help out.  I was so happy to find this link in the TpT forums and knew that even if this was just a small way I could help, someone would appreciate the help.
I have been in a few cyclones having lived in North Queensland and the Northern Territory in my younger years and understand how frightening it is to experience the terror of wind, rain and flood.  To lose things on top of that is like rubbing salt into a wound.  So if you think you can't help out, you're wrong, just by donating an item from your TpT store will give another teacher a hand at reclaiming some resources.  Just click below to link up and donate.


  1. Hi Tan, what a great idea for teachers worldwide to be able to help :)

    Abs x

  2. Good one for linking up Tania :)

    1. I feel terrible looking at all the images, glad there is some way we can help out.