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Thursday 9 May 2013

Fill it up!

I wanted to show you a little preview of a pack that I have been working on but didn't get finished before the Teacher Appreciation Sale, which is nearly finished, so jump in if you haven't yet!

So my kiddos got to test drive my Fill it up!  Volume packet.

Here is a sneak peek at it in action!
Prior to this activity we discussed what the difference between volume and capacity was and how we would need to fill our containers to find the volume.

First the students had to cut out 3 different sized box templates and make them into an open box

Voila!  The boxes are labelled A, B and C

They then had to fill the boxes with MAB blocks that are conveniently a 1cm cube and then record on the recording sheet.

There were some very interesting ways that the students tried to fill their containers making sure they had no spaces

This little treasure worked out that if she did one layer on the bottom and then counted how many high it would be, you could work out what the volume is!  Yay for hands on activities!

Tomorrow we are going to explore how we can find out how many times one container can fit into one of the other containers as we ran out of time for that today.

I am hoping to have this packet finished in the next week and now that my kiddos have helped me work out a few kinks, it will be good to go!  
Remember you can still snag a bargain at the TpT site wide sale!


  1. Great activities, Tania! I love that they built their own containers!

    I'll be doing capacity later this term with my littlies - I love it! So many hands-on opportunities and the kids enjoy it so much. :)

    Miss Galvin Learns

    1. Thanks Stef! They did love making their own containers but I had to stop the colouring and decorating to get on to the making and filling concept. I will be using the same containers to measure capacity by pouring in rice using millilitres, will let you know how that goes.


  2. I have to plan a 3 lesson sequence about volume and capacity - I wonder if I can just use yours! I will have to look at my outcomes.........

    Great ideas!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning