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Saturday 21 September 2013

Five for Friday!


This week at school has been busy, busy, busy!  We still have one week to go before our end of term break

We finished our weekend in Launceston last weekend with a night out at the Pizza Pub, we totally got photo bombed by our son!  Cheeky devil.

We had a Walkathon to raise money for a new cabinet to display our Wall of Fame Awards, I have no idea how far we walked but I was pooped!  Oh I also forgot to take photos.....but the next day we wrote a recount and this young man cracked me up!  See if you can spot it!

We have been focussing on toys and how they move as well as looking at the history of toys.  These graphs represented the toys that Mums and Dad or Grandparents played with.....gotta tell ya, some of it made me feel old, who remembers wood hula hoops?

We looked at ways to make the ow sound as well, this was a list that we made of all the ow sounds we could find while we were reading. 

We have also been designing and making our own toys with one of the criteria being that it had to have a moving part.  This little man is making a lion mask and is using a party blower as the tongue (he is painting it red in the first pic)  I found they are very hard to unravel with wet paint on them.

We ended the week with pizza night, that little lion on my shoulder is Jaspurr, he likes pizza too!

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  1. Hi Tania,

    Good luck for your last week of term! I had my first day of holidays today. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  2. Hi there! Pizza Pub is awesome - but I get the deliveries! They also deliver alcohol!! Perfect for those Friday nights after a rough week at school!
    And I have a ginger kitty called Jasper too! But I love that you called yours Jaspurr!!