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Monday 27 January 2014

Why teachers make great friends!

If you are reading this post then you are most likely a teacher.  Send this post to your friends :)  Here are 10 reasons why your teacher friends are great!

1. You are always on hand to help spell tricky words.  You could almost be called a walking dictionary.

2. You can be counted on for great advice for anything because it can always be answered with
 "Do you think that is a wise choice?" 

3. Doctors writing is not indecipherable to you after reading some of the "writing" from your Kinder kiddos.

4. You can carry on a conversation with multiple distractions around you.....and still keep an eye on that kid in the cafe who is rocking on his chair.

5. You are always available for coffee....on school holidays.

6. If anyone needs storage solutions you have a cupboard/room/shelving full of various sized plastic containers, with and without lids!

7. You are cool under pressure and have been known to defuse a potentially dangerous confrontation with, "Use your words, not your anger."

8.  There will always be a pen/pencil/crayon/marker/highlighter/piece of chalk or all of them in your handbag when someone needs a writing implement......and you will correct their grammar as they write.

9.  Praise is second nature to a teacher, and you have been known to praise your friends for their life choices, fashion choices or  behaviour......sometimes you give a gold star just to reinforce that praise.

10. Finally you know your teacher friend will always be happy to sit and have a few drinks with you to wind long as it isn't a school night

Enjoy your week friends!

PS, thanks to Jennifer Jones for the awesomely cute fonts!