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Saturday 25 April 2015

Five for Friday

Last term we were looking at living and non living in our Science unit.....well we also had swimming, athletics, growing up program and a bunch of other stuff and we didn't finish our Science unit.  First week back we jumped back into it by scooping up some leaf litter and searching for any living creatures in there using magnifying glasses.  I thought it looked so cool I took a pic!  Some found lots of creatures like insects, spiders, a worm and one student found ladybug wings.  There was a lot of chatter and drawing what we found.  I think I will give them another go at this so the students who didn't have any get another chance.

My teaching buddies and I had a little reconnaissance mission on the weekend to scope out some interesting places we will be taking our kiddos to for an excursion next week.  I took my kids with us and we found this gorgeous cafe (very important to know where they are for an excursion) that was next to an antique place where this old phone box was, had to snap a pic of my young man in there.

We made poppies this week in commemoration of Anzac Day in Australia.  This is a special day in our family, above is a pic of my Dad when he was serving in the Air Force and as my regular readers would know I am also a military spouse with my husband having served in both East Timor and Afghanistan.  We attended the Dawn Service at the cenotaph in town for the Centenary of Anzac Day, it was a very moving ceremony.

We used this booklet in my Year 3 class this year from Oz Curriculum you can get your copy here.  It was perfect and my kids loved it, they were so engaged and interested in it a couple even asked to stay in to work on it!  Melt my heart!
I will definitely be using this again next year.

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  1. Your poppies look great. This is a big week for commemorations around our country and very personal for your family.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  2. Cute poppies Tania! It's a very special week in Australia - enjoy the celebrations this weekend. :)