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Monday 13 July 2015

Holiday Randomness

Well friends I am in my second week of holidays and I have finally gotten out of my pyjamas :) No seriously I did get out of them a bit earlier last week.  I have not been as productive as I wanted to be although I have really invested A LOT of time with Pinterest.

Having said that this is what I have done so far on my hold, remember it is Winter here in Australia and I do not under any circumstances LOVE Winter, of course this is why I live in the most Southern state of our nation (Northern Hemisphere folks, please realise this is the state nearest to Antarctica).

After getting out of my pyjamas last Wednesday :) I got a bit of a prune on my hair.  I went from this

to this

I hosted a dinner for 12 at my house...ummm it was delicious!  On the menu was Drunken Teryaki Roast Lamb with roast vegetables and mini raspberry cheese cakes with raspberry sauce and berry sorbet and a few vino's to finish it off and perhaps to start it as well.

By the way if you are interested in getting your dinners organised or some new recipe's don't forget to check out my new page Healthy Eats for Teachers.  I will be adding some weekly menus and organisation when I head back to school next week.

I put up this little freebie for you all!  It is a 5 senses poem template we did in out last week of school. The one we did at school was not as cute as this because the idea quickly jumped in my head when I was trying to figure out what we could do in the last week.  Oh I also accidentally printed off 241 copies of the ugly 5 Senses template because I forgot to delete the 1 when I was printing from my computer.....there goes my photocopy budget for the next term.  Seriously....gone.
Just click on the pic below to get your FREE copy!

Had a lovely lunch with some of the gals from school, so nice to catch up without rushing past each other or moving along in the photocopy line (which you won't see me in next term).

Anyway I just thought I would catch you up with what has been happening (or not happening), the rest of the week will see us up at our Conservation Block clearing gorse!


  1. What a lovely blog! Greetings from Melbourne :)

  2. What a lovely blog! Greetings from Melbourne :)