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Sunday 4 May 2014

Currently late!

I am a bit late linking up with Farley for her Currently link so I will most likely be number 576 on the list :) Oh well!

I have been sooooooo lazy over the holidays and really neglected laundry, housework and most other things that didn't seem like fun so with the last day of the holidays I have had to get my butt moving on laundry and housework.
I am also having a big cook up so that I have some ready made meals through the week.  I like to do this about every 3-4 weeks, it helps stop that "let's just have take away, I'm too tired to cook" nights.  On the menu today is chicken noodle soup, beef and vege casserole and bolognaise sauce.  I should get roughly 6-7 family meals out of this and a couple of lunches for me. I am also preparing roast vegetables with rosemary and garlic baked lamb loin chops for dinner, yum!  With cooler weather coming in I am enjoying having soul warming meals with my family.

My surprise blog is Kylie @ Down Under Teacher, she was the first blogger that I really started to interact with and she was so helpful and patient with me when I asked questions, since then I have been able to network with her through Facebook as well.  I guess she was the introduction for me to a community I have been so blessed to be a part of.  


  1. Hello! Just found you through Farley! Love your cute blog design! I love the idea of cooking up a bunch of meals on Sunday to save time during the week - I have to try that! Where do you find recipes to do that? How do you store them during the week to keep them fresh?


    Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love the idea of cooking up but I can never get myself organized enough to have ready made meals. Good luck on your first day back!

    Friends of Reading-

  3. I think it is so interesting that you have a holiday ending and I am looking forward to my summer break & being poolside. I have 35 days of work left in this school year. It seems odd to me that you school year may be different than mine. How does that work?