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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Long Vowel Digraphs

This term in my classroom we are continuing to look at long vowel digraphs.  So I made this pack for my kiddos to have some fun with it.

I am going to run through what we do and how I am going to incorporate this new pack into our routine.

The first thing I do is to ask the kiddos if they know what letter combinations make the long vowel sound, once we have that written up then I give them a slip of paper and they have to find words that contain one of the digraphs in books or dictionaries.  We come back as a group and share the words we have found, then sort them into the different combinations.  I do stress to my kiddos that when they write the word they have to be able to read it and know what it means, they also have to tell us when we share it.  (If I am short on time I get my kids to tell their word to a partner and then they sort them into the groups.)

After this we choose words and I write them on a master list which is displayed and then the students choose words to add to a display like this one.  (Please don't judge my art ability)

In their books the students will have a master list, they can add to this when they find any new words with that digraph.  We use this list to do other activities like silly stories or making word tangles.....BUT now that I have finished my latest file we will be doing so much more.

In this pack I have posters that will look so much nicer on our walls than the handwritten ones I have done and the rest of the pack is really a print and go pack. 
The other very cool activities that I am sure my kiddos are going to love are....

Sort and Add: Kiddos have to read the words, sort them into the correct columns and add any new words they may know.
Fill in the blanks: Put the correct digraph in to match the words to pictures
Highlight it, Write it: Kiddos have to say the words, highlight the digraph and then write a sentence for each word.
I have also included a range of interactive activities.

Spin it, say it, Write it:  This is an activity students can play individually or with a partner or even in groups of 4.  On each page is a spinner that students can use a paper clip and pencil to spin a digraph.  Students have to say the long vowel sound and then write a word in the appropriate column, if they can't think of a word they miss a turn and their friend has a go.  The winner is the kiddo who has the most words at the end.  Here is a pic so you get an idea.

I just know this is going to be a big hit!

Fold and Flip: These templates have either a picture or the digraph on one flap.  Kiddos can either write a word or sentence to go with the picture or digraph, I know my kiddos love to make Flip Flaps so I can see this one will keep them thinking.

Flip Flaps: These are similar to Flip Flaps I have in another product, kiddos cut out all the flaps and then match pictures to correct digraphs so they end up with little flip books glued on to their page.  Some of them might have only one picture to go with the digraph so I also included blank flip flaps for them to add one of their own.

Well I am excited to get back to school to use this with my kiddos but YOU can get started right now, this is 50% off for today (what a bargaaaiiiinnn!!) so click on the pic above to get your copy.

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