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Sunday 6 April 2014

Five for Frunday

Technically it is Sunday here, but I got so busy on the weekend I did not get time to get in there at the right time!  Please forgive me.   So here goes

We started the week with a bush walk and an adventure into a cave.  I love the look on my son's face, we had turned all our headlamps off and when the flash went off it startled my son, hehe.  We saw lots of stalactites and stalacmites, a creek that runs through the cave, cave crickets and glow worms, it was a pretty awesome day.

We enjoyed yummy burgers at Burger Got Soul, and there he is again my little photo bomber.

We went on an excursion (field trip) to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (sorry couldn't take photos there) and up to the top of Mt Wellington which is a significant landmark in our city.  Unfortunately the weather came in and we couldn't see anything from the summit, so we had to catch some views on the way down.  I took these pics on the bus.

It is Autumn in Australia so I started some Autumn art with my kiddos, looking at warm and cool colours using water paints.  We will revisit the Autumn art later as well as the leaves haven't really started turning yet.

I just had to share this with you, they were trying to make a heart shape, too cute!  This was at my in-laws house for Chinese takeaway dinner, it was delicious!  Hope your week was great!  


  1. The leaf art looks like fun! I can't wait until the leaves really start changing colour.

    Luck's Little Learners

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