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Sunday 13 April 2014

Bright Ideas! The Literacy Shed

I am so excited again to be part of this amazing group of bloggers sharing some of their best ideas to help you in the classroom. 
Let's get started!

This month I wanted to tell you about a great website I have used in my classroom over the last couple of years.  It is called the Literacy Shed (it is UK based) and houses a store of great animations for the entire range of grade levels.  I have used this website when I was a substitute teacher as well as in my every day teaching.

The Literacy Shed

The videos and animations are organised by themes and genres, after you have read through my description, click on the pic to head over to start browsing through the many videos.  This post does come with a warning though.......once you start browsing through the animations, you will not come out for hours......if I were you, I would use the bathroom now, then sit down with a coffee and a snack.  Comfy?  Good, you are in for a treat!

Right now I have been using this site to help my kids with inferring, many of the animations have no dialogue so students have to really think deep to find out what the authors message is or to predict what might come next.  We also looked at the lighting and colors used in the animations and how this influences our decisions, predictions and inferences.

Most videos have notes on how to use the animation in the classroom or how it has been used in another teachers classroom.  These are great to kick off a unit or to base a unit around the video.  Some of our favourites in my classroom are
Don't Go (this one is very funny!), 
and for the older classess

(very useful for Anzac Day and Remembrance Day)

Here is something I recently discovered.....there is also a MATHEMATICS SHED!!!
Of course there is nothing more left for you to do but to head over there and check out all the amazing videos you now have access to that will support your Literacy program and your Mathematics program in your classroom.  Oh I may have forgotten to tell you this very important thing......there is no sign up, no trial, no subscribing and getting annoying emails, in fact there is NO COST involved at all, yes this is a FREE website.

I will leave you with one tip, do make sure you check the video before you show your kiddos, yes they are aimed at children but you do want to make sure the video you use is aimed at the age or grade level you have.

Now for more Bright Ideas for your classroom head over to the linky! 

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