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Monday 14 April 2014

Alphabet Robots

I had such a productive Sunday!  I made our dinners for the week, beef casserole, potato pie, chicken tikka masala, home made pizza and chicken schnitzel, with a sweet treat pear and blackberry tarte tan, yum!  Even though it is a short week and I am on the count down to the Easter break I am also really tired and very ready for the holidays, so having a weeks worth of dinners ready to go will make the home stretch to holidays a little easier.
What else did I achieve on Sunday?  I made this cute little Alphabet Robots for a couple of my boys who I support.  They need lots of practice with matching lower and uppercase letters as well as identifying initial sounds, and what little boy doesn't love robots :)

Here's a little tip for you when laminating lots of little pieces.  Put a little dab of gluestick on the back of the pieces that you don't want to slip around in the laminate as it goes through the laminator. See in the second photo none of the pieces are slipping out as I lift the laminate.  The glue dries clear so you don't see it.

This is the clip it Robots.  Students clip the lowercase letter that matches the uppercase letter on the robot.  You would easily see if the letter doesn't match.

This file also has a Robot lowercase and uppercase puzzle cards as seen in the pic above and picture and initial sounds puzzle cards.  I have also included 2 recording sheets.

Here is the other thing I got ready for this week

These cards are double sided, so once cut fold them before you laminate them.  

I made these cards so that they would fit into business card sized laminate pouches so minimal cutting.

This is my friends of 10 game.  I love this because it is self correcting with the numbers that add to ten being the same color.  My boys will be busy!
You can get both of these in my store by clicking on the pics or enter the Rafflecopter to win a copy of your own!

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  1. Wow! Your robot pack would be sooo perfect for my boys! Just what they need! The friends of ten pack looks amazing too, we have already covered that this year but I am sure we will revisit it later in the year.

    1. Thanks Jess! My kiddos love both of these packs as well.

  2. The cards look AMAZING!! Thanks so much for the tip about putting glue on the back of pieces to keep them in place when laminating... Now why didn't I think of that!!?? :)

    1. I know! I learnt that trick many years ago from a teacher Aide.

  3. omg - your glue tip is the BEST - seriously - how have I never thought of this!! :)