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Saturday 20 June 2015

Shadow Art

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook you would know my Year 3 class has been investigating the Earth, Sun and Moon.  As part of this investigation we made these absolutely cool shadow statues, I got the idea from Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade, you can see the post here

First we had to try to catch a day that gave us a little bit of sunshine to draw shadows.  As you can see it was a bit touch and go.  We had to do this over a couple of days because it rained all over our tracings the first day.  We made observations about where the sun was in relation to their shadow and how the shadow was created.

Then we made these little foil statues and used a torch to make the shadows, this way each person could create a different shadow.

Then we traced around the shadow and painted it black.  I decided that I wanted to throw in a quick lesson on primary and secondary colours.  I put out the 3 primary colours and told the kiddos to choose either a primary colour or to mix them to create a secondary colour.  This resulted in a rainbow of backgrounds for our shadows and really helped with my bulletin board :)

We cut out a yellow circle and the kiddos put the circle where they thought the sun would have been to create the shadow.

The last thing I did was ask the kiddos to write about how creating this art helped with their understanding about night and day.  We had a globe, a tennis ball and a torch, nearly every kiddo was able to write that night is created by the Earth being in the shadow when the Earth rotated around.

I just loved doing this activity and I will definitely be doing it again!

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  1. I'm REALLY hoping that a torch is something like a flashlight! :)