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Saturday 16 June 2012

CAFE and Organisation...

So I wanted to share a couple of pics of my CAFE wall. I put felt on the pinboard and used velcro spots to attach the laminated strategy cards to match the concept card.
My learners are very visual this year I have found it important to use a lot of color in my room.  I made the pockets in a matching color to store my strategy cards so they are always handy.  There have been a couple of times when an incidental lesson has lead to teaching a strategy so I've been able to pull out the card to immediately put on our board.  My kids each have a name tag with a velcro spot and there is an extra bit of felt underneath each heading where the kids stick their name on the goal they are working toward.  ( I don't think you can see that bit in the pic, whoops)

I have to say I am not entirely happy with my CAFE posters and I am planning on changing them but still keep the color scheme.

I also wanted to show some pics of my pencil boxes I put on the desks.  We work in groups of 4 so each table has a pencil box with enough equipment for each person.  Each table has a number that corresponds to the pencil box and it is the students responsibility to make up a roster for who collects it and puts it away each day.  On Fridays they do scissors/paper/rock to decide who the collector for that day is.  I have also made them responsible for making sure they have the right equipment in their box and if they are missing pencils etc they have to replenish it themselves.  I am trying to encourage independence and self help skills as the group I have this year seem to be a little timid in the initiative area. 

I got the drawers from Bunnings, I like these ones as they fold down which makes it easy to pack up.  When you move around as much as I do, that is really important.
I got the cute pencil cases from the $2 shop, they cost $2 ha ha

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  1. Hello! How are you finding the CAFE program? I absolutely love the idea but wasn't sure whether it actually works in practice.