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Thursday 13 September 2012

Frog Facts

Well as many of you know we are going hopping mad in my classroom at the moment.  Hopping mad over frogs!  Today we finally finished our Frog Facts to join onto our frog glyphs.  I think they look frogtabulous and the kiddos have really enjoyed it.  Only one more week to go at school and then we are on September holidays, I am hoping I will be able to get going on developing some packets for my TpT store as it has been almost impossible near the end of this term.  Anyway this is just a short post to share some more pics of how our frogs turned out.

Here is one of my girls and a close up of the first of her frog facts
2 frogs hanging around with the boys!

Here they are hanging up in our room

Hope your week has ended well!


  1. They look great! And good decorations for your classroom. What clever little kiddies you have Mrs Poultney :)


    1. Thanks Abs, I was told today I was "the best teacher ever!" I think it might have been because I helped a lowie win our multiplication tournament and he got a pencil for his prize. Nice to know someone loves you....(: