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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Linky and number caterpillars

As some of you may know I have a split class this year of Year 2's and 3's.  Anyone who has taught composite or split classes understands the balancing act you need to maintain.  I only have 6 Year 3's and making sure that I cover all the maths concepts included in our syllabus can be a bit tricky, I have had to spend a bit of time making sure that I have them ready for Year 4 next year and one area I had neglected has been fractions and decimals so over the last couple of weeks we have been getting into this area with a vengeance.  I actually think this has been a great time to do it as my Year 2's are at that stage where they are able to work independently and consolidate many of the concepts from the year while I work with my little group of Year 3's, (see what I mean about balancing act!)
So I was super happy to get this awesome packet from Alison at AliMath.

Decimals and Fractions - Making Connections
You can also check out her blog post about it here

It has some fantastic activities for helping students identify parts and whole numbers and the place value of decimal numbers.  The number caterpillar has been a favourite of my students, take a look

The students rolled a 10 sided dice and wrote the number in

This little girl had been holding her caterpillar up just waiting for me to take her pic.....couldn't dissapoint, plus I loved her caterpillar teeth, heehee

This student has a number expander that he has written his number with tens, units, tenths and hundreths

This is the expanded number, ( see the little girl next to him.....waiting for me to take her photo.)

If you want your copy just click on the pic of Alison's packet above.

While my 3's were working on this some of my 2's were practicing and consolidating place value using matchsticks.
They counted out the sticks and put them into bundles of 10

Then they had to write the number using correct place value.

So now you have got to the end of  this lengthy post on what we are working on it's time to enjoy the Christmas break and how better to do that than to link up with my linky party on holiday destinations.  Just click on the button below to link up! 


  1. I wish I was teaching Year 1 or 2. The activities look great. There are so many great ideas out there.

    Have a lovely Christmas, Tania
    Classroom Fun

    1. Thanks Rhonda, you know I modified this to be a Place value caterpillar without the decimal place for some of my kiddos, worked a treat! Hope you have a lovely end of year with your students and a happy holiday.