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Sunday 9 December 2012

Christmas boards

I have started to put up our Christmas display boards.  I started with a tree and we are adding decorations to it  as we continue our Christmas craft.  I have also been using Shanyn's Christmas packet for literacy and maths blocks. (Get your copy here).

Ultimate Christmas Math and Literacy Activities Bundle

One of the items we used this week from Shanyn's pack was Festive Words . We brainstormed words that we might use in our Christmas writing and I wrote it on to a piece of poster card, then the students each chose 2 words and either used a dictionary to find the definition or wrote down what they KNEW to be the correct definition.  They then had to write a sentence for each word.  We have been focussing on how to make our sentences more interesting so they really had to think about having adjectives, verbs and making sure it made sense.  I think they look great!

(Not all of them are finished yet)

We have also completed my Candy Cane Craftivity which includes an acrostic poem, they LOVED this activity and were very happy with the end result.  (Get your FREE copy here.)

Candy Cane Craftivity

It looks a bit bare at the moment, more craft to come to fill up the space....stay tuned.

 For the star on the Christmas tree I cut out a template and each student used their thumb print to put some yellow paint on it, I am thinking about adding some glitter on Monday.  The kiddos all let out an "Awwww" when I pinned the start to the top of the tree.  Magic!  I am so happy we get to share the magic of Christmas with our students.

I am having a great time checking out all the Christmas craft on other blog as well, so make sure you post pics!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and if you are in Queensland....enjoy your last week with your students.  


  1. Looks like you are well into the swing of Christmas activities! When do you finish school? I still have another two weeks so am pushing them out a little longer!


  2. We have 8 school days left, but 1 of those days is a pool party, 1 we have scripture assembly (that usually takes almost a whole session, throw in another assembly for special awards another for school captains and in the last week I know I have quite a few kids leaving early as their last day is Wednesday and our SFD are the Thurs and Fri. So thought I would get an early start to make sure I fit it all in before I leave. But the truth is who doesn't love Christmas craft!

  3. I love doing Christmas craft as well, I love Christmas.

    I am ready for a holiday. Term 4 zaps me. I can't wait for the school year to end.

    Have a lovely Christmas
    Classroom Fun