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Thursday 24 January 2013

Team Teaching Tuesday

I am linking up with Stephanie at Falling into First for her Team Teaching Tuesday linky.  I love to see how other people structure their day and the differences and similarities in timetables.  This year I don't have a class so I am going to share what my day would look like las tyear in my 2/3 class

9:20- Morning Assembly:  the whole school assembles to get messages from teachers, principal or student council.  This usually takes 5-10 minutes.

9:30- 10:30  After we mark the roll (or take attendance) I quickly go over anything important, collect notes (if needed), then we start our Literacy block.  Last year I started Daily 5 and CAFE so I would start the day with a book and a focus strategy.  On Mondays I liked to do a lot of whole group instruction to introduce the focus concepts  for the week in handwriting, spelling, grammar, reading and writing.  All other days were dedicated to Daily 5 and CAFE.

10:30 - 10:40- Fruit snack time.  All students were encouraged to bring fruit for a snack, if they didn't have any we usually provided them with some.

10:40- 11:20- Literacy block continued

11:20 - 11:40- Recess

11:40 - 1:10- This was my Maths block and we would always start with 10 minutes math mentals.  I like to have a different focus everyday, you can read about them here.  Then we would play a 10 minute game with a concept focus, which after sometime I merged into my Maths tubs.  Then we would have whole group instruction and after I would work with groups .  In the last 20 minutes all my kiddos would do activities from maths tubs, these included activities that covered every strand in the curriculum.

1:10- 1:25- Lunch, students were supervised eating lunch in the classroom
1:25 - 2:05-Playtime and playground duty if I had it (4 duties every week)

2:05 - 3:15- My afternoons were usually when I would do other subjects such as Science, Arts, Health and P.E and Music.  My Social Studies was covered by the library teacher during my Non contact time which was on Tuesdays.
We don't have "specials" in Australia, it can be done differently in different states.  In QLD the students got to Music and PE once or twice a week and in NSW it is covered by the teachers but you get 2 hrs a week of Non Contact time for planning.

3:20- Hometime , yay!  Students who go to the bus are supervised by a teacher on duty, you had bus duty once a term.

 I haven't got any pics of our schedule to share with you :( but I think you get the idea.

I would love to hear about your daily timetable so head on over to Stephanie's blog by clicking on the pic above to link up!


  1. Hello from WA! I am so glad I found your lovely blog as it was so refreshing to find an Aussie teaching blog, and then I was even more glad when I read that you have taught a 2/3 split. I will be teaching 2/3 this year and I would be lying if I didn't say I was panicking right now about how to fit it all in. If you could write a post on split class teaching, I would be very grateful!!

    1. Hi Karen, welcome and thanks for your lovely comments. I would be happy to write a post about planning for a split class. To be honest I have never really thought about outlining how I do that as I have only ever taught a straight class twice in my whole teaching career so I guess it is 2nd nature to me. I will work on it this weekend do keep your eyes peeled but in a word to put you at ease involves grouping by ability alot of the time.


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  3. Your old schedule and my current schedule are very similar - other than the recess time and specials it is almost the same.

  4. Hi Kelly,
    I would think most classrooms would be very similar with their timetable after all morning is prime learning time. How amazing would it be if we shook things up and did Music or Art first, heehee


  5. Some of the set things in your timetable are so different to mine! We only have an assembly once a week on a Monday afternoon, our first break goes for 40 minutes (for lunch and play) and we also have eating time and play time for second break (25 minutes). How do the kids go not eating until after 1pm? I see you have a fruit snack, does that get them through? I also have one at about 10am before our main eating time at first break at 10.50. The way you've scheduled your day thought is similar to mine, I think we all like to do English/Literay, Math than everything else!

    Down Under Teacher