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Friday 25 January 2013

How Pinteresting Word Work

Hi friends!

I am continuing my How Pinteresting series.  This week I have been looking at pins that have great ideas for Working on Words (Daily 5)  I started using Daily 5 and CAFE in my classroom last year and my kids really benefited  from it.  So without further ado here are some interesting pins I found this week for Word Work in your room

Sight words (how many can you read? How high can you build your tower?)

Students get to build towers as they recognise different words.
A great kinaesthetic activity, particularly for boys

Using the Connect-Four gameboard to practice sight words

Another fun way to recognise sight words, using a familiar game.


I love this and did it in my classroom last year

Sight word practice

Sight word practice with a smile

Alphabet dice for word work center from Toys-R-Us and Target online.

Love it!!!  A spin on the good old Boggle

Writing Literacy Work Station Idea!   "Every time she added a descriptive word to her writing, she would write that word using one of the colored pens. Then she would continue with pencil. Her descriptive adjectives and verbs were colorful and stood out

Who doesn't love using colours to practice words, my girls loved doing this.  Great to highlight different types of words.

I hope you are enjoying my How Pinteresting Series and it has given you some ideas for Word Work.  Come back next week to see some more Pinteresting pins.

Enjoy your weekend, and all my Aussie friends have a great Australia Day...oi, oi, oi (sorry couldn't resist!)

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