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Wednesday 4 December 2013

A note for the teacher

This last part of the year I have been subbing or relief teaching as it is known in Australia.  I thought I would share with you the note I leave for the teacher if the school does not have a set plan for you.  I know at some schools it is expected that the teacher will leave plans for the sub, but at the schools I have been at it is expected that the sub will have something planned.
So in order to let the teacher know what we did I made a quick and easy plan template and I am going to share it with you today!

I use the first one and put in any duties I may have as a reminder to myself!  I also like to let the teacher know which students were helpful and which students may need a follow up with behaviour.  I also like to leave a note for the teacher of any stationery or art resources I may have used.  I have found this really helpful and hope you do too.  Feel free to snag a copy to leave for the sub that takes your class as well.  Just click on any of the pics to get your EXCLUSIVE to blog readers only
FREE copy!

Hope you enjoyed the TpT sale!

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  1. You are so organised Tania! You need to be in a classroom!