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Sunday 23 February 2014

Maths Centres

Hi friends!  Welcome back for another book review!  Today I wanted to share with you the new Year 3 Maths Centres book brought out by Blake Publishing.

The first thing I noticed about this book was that it is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and you already know that is going to make life easier when you are planning.

Then I started flicking through and I noticed that all of the pages are perforated so you can easily tear out the pages to make the centres.  Each centre has a cover page, a reproducible sheet and the mats or cards you will need for the centre as well as an answer key if it is relevant.  At the front of the book there is a page that gives information on how to use the centre and how to make it.

Here is an example of a cover page for one of the centres.  I like that the instructions are aimed at the students and are easy to read.

This is what the task cards look like from this particular centre. The answer key is on the left, after it is torn out you need to fold it in half as it has the answer for the task cards on one side and the answers for the response form on the other where applicable.  What you can't see is the perforations near the centre, believe me I tried really hard to get a good photo but it just didn't work out :(

The reproducible response forms are all in blackline for ease of photocopying.  In the instructions it advises laminating the mats and task cards, but I would laminate everything that goes with it as well and store it all together in plastic pockets.

Altogether there are 10 centres to make in this book and covers some areas of number, fractions, multiplication, time and graphs.

If you are interested in this or others head over to Blake Education to check out some of their other fabulous Math and Literacy resources for the Australian Curriculum. 

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