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Friday 7 February 2014

In the classroom and a new challenge!

Well, I jumped straight back into the classroom this week and it felt GREAT!  I have Year 2 again for two days of the week and the rest of the week I am undertaking a new role in the capacity of a support teacher.

I am really excited to be taking on this new role, I love being in the classroom but I also love delving into new ways to support our kiddos, particularly those kiddos who need that extra bit of help and this new role will see me visiting with kiddos of different year levels.

I have to say my feet are killing me after two days of standing up and moving around all day but I loved meeting my new class and just know we are going to have a great year together.  You know I was so busy getting to know my new little people I forgot to take photos!  Next week I promise.

To help my kiddos review some of their Year 1 learning I am working on something new over this weekend, here is a little peek

both of these packs will include activities that will help students review numbers in every form that they may encounter them.  Matching numbers, numerals and number names, making numbers using ten frames, partitioning numbers, odd and even, number sequence, before and after.....well there will probably be more than that but that is what I have so far :)  

Great news is, we have a long weekend here so I have plenty of time to finish it off!

Enjoy your weekend people, I am off to put my aching feet up and refresh with a glass of wine.

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