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Saturday 22 February 2014

Steve Parish Insects

Yesterday I got a surprise in the mail! Well it wasn't really a surprise I did know it was coming but what teacher doesn't get excited to get books delivered to your door :)  Blake Education Publishing sent me these new Steve Parish Insect Books  (they can be purchased here) and their new Maths Centers book that is linked to the Australian Curriculum.

I love Steve Parish books and have been using them for many years in my classrooms.  He is an amazing photographer and has really made these beautiful shots more accessible to students through these stunning books.  The photographs are always bright and so clear, it really engages kids with the story immediately. The books themselves are written by Rebecca Johnson who is a teacher, so you just know the story is going to support those readers who need it while still keeping the more competent readers interested.  I love that it is a story that still offers information so that these books can be used in so many ways to support different genres of writing.

That is Rebecca in the pic!  This is the inside cover of one of the books, it is chock full of information about the text type, the topic and the curriculum links.  I love anything that makes planning easier as a teacher and having those links so obvious makes this teacher smile.  It also has a a Reading Recovery level up in the corner.

The text in these books are very similar to most school fonts in Australia, the words are very clear and easy to see.  

This is a great example of how colourful and clear the photographs are.  The fact that they completely support the text is amazing!

This is the back page it has a glossary and also includes some interesting facts about the insect, sometimes it also has a life cycle.  BTW I love the look on that bulls face, he looks very indignant or maybe he just swallowed something questionable.

There back cover shows all the titles that are available in the series as well as some from other series.

There are so many opportunities for learning in these books and I cannot wait to get these into my classroom library!

You can visit their webpage for more great Literacy and Maths resources.  Stay tuned for my review on the Maths Centres tomorrow.

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