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Saturday 12 July 2014

Read it, Fix it!

I have been working on a new product for a little while now, it is all about proofreading and editing.  This is an area where I know my kiddos need a LOT of practice, so I created this packet for them to really get a good grasp of what they need to look for when editing their own writing.

This is a sample of one of the worksheets

There are 2 different Quick Reference Guides for your students to have with them when proof reading and editing their own writing.  I didn't want to leave anyone out so I included the US version which uses period and an Australian/UK version which has full stops.  I also have boys and girls as well as having a colored or black and white version of them all to save on that all important printer ink!

This gives you an idea of what else you will get in this file and as a special treat you can click on the worksheet above to get your free sample!

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