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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Making sense of numbers!

Hi friends!  I went back to school this week after our two week Winter break which I happily spent in my pyjamas on the couch  :)  It was difficult but someone had to do it!  Seriously people it was cold, there was snow on the was cold.

Well while I was on the couch I whipped up a lovely freebie for you and finished off a file that had been sitting in my To Finish File.  Here they are just for you!

There are posters, number cards and number lines that can be printed and laminated for displaying in the classroom.  I have used the cards for a read the room activity which my kiddos love!

There are easy no prep printable as well which include some interactive flip the flaps and number puzzles that can be copied on to card for students to put back together as well as number puzzles that students can fill in the missing parts.  I have also fit in some partitioning, numbers before, after and between.  Oh not to forget odd and even numbers!  Whew, that is quit a list......but wait there's more!  A set of steak knives, heehee, I jest.  You get a bonus game called Balloon POP to 10.  My kids love playing this game and it can be used for counting forward, backward, addition, subtraction, count on and back 1 or 2.  The list is endless.  Just click on any of the pics above to get your copy.

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