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Saturday 2 August 2014

Currently August

Hi Friends!  I am linking up with Farley for her August Currently.....can you believe it is August!

I am enjoying a cup of tea on this cold, wintry day, even better that I didn't have to make it, my lovely daughter has made it for me.

August 1 is my birthday and I for one love celebrating birthdays.  It has been a tradition of mine to bake cupcakes and take them into school for my kiddos to decorate, of course we all love doing that.  I did make it educational and we graphed our cupcakes according to wrapper colour, topping and flavour before they got to eat them, heehee.  Yes they were yummy!  Later on I went out for dinner with my family for an yummo italian dinner where I was surprised with a chocolate cake for dessert and the waiters singing Happy Birthday to me!  Of course all of this was organised by the hubs, huge effort for him as he does not feel the same way about birthdays.  

Tonight we are going out to see a band called Mental As Anything, my Aussie readers might know who they are if they are as old as me :)  the thing is they don't start their performance until 10pm tonight!  I am thinking I might have to take a nap before we go out or I might fall asleep in my drink, heehee.

We have had wild weather here in South East Australia, torrential rain, gale force winds and snow down to some low levels.  This means that we had an entire week of indoor playtime, AARRRGHH!  We had one playtime with the kids playing only on the hard surfaces but that was not entirely successful.  
I think I have made it known how I feel about cold weather, we are not friends, I am ready for Winter to be finished, please, please be finished!

I heard a whisper that there may be something happening over at TpT......take a guess what it might be.  I for one am scouring my wishlist and adding to it like crazy.  But if you can't wait, there is a great Educents Back To School Blowout Sale going on for another 24 hours, check it out here.

We went back to school last week after out Winter break, the teachers first day was Monday and the kiddos came back on the Tuesday.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Yay for August babies :) Mine is the 3rd.

    Enjoy that tea, and stay warm girl!! (Yay for finding another southern hemisphere teacher!!)

    Learning to be awesome

  2. Good luck this coming week with the weather Tania! I hear it isn't going to get a whole lot better in a hurry!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  3. Your mention of snow really freaked me out! Then I realized we are in different hemispheres...phew! I hope the concert was as amazing as your cupcakes...Happy birthday!