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Sunday 17 August 2014

Bright Ideas- 5 ways to decorate pegs

Welcome back for another Bright Ideas linky!

Do you use pegs on your boards to display student work?  

I have started displaying work using this method and I have tried a number of ways to decorate the pegs so they don't look blah.  I need to start off by letting you know that I used velcro on the back of the pegs as all of my boards are carpeted and the velcro sticks really well to it.  If you need to use pins you could hot glue a thumb tack onto the back, I recommend doing that BEFORE you do any decorating, also I have only used wooden pegs.

1. Glitter meets glue

The first thing I tried was to add a bit of glamour and sparkle to our pegs. I used some strong pva glue and painted down one side, then I put the glitter on.  I found it was best to put the glitter onto a plastic plate and then laying the pegs onto the glitter.  Give them a good shake before you put them on your wall or you will have glitter raining down on you for months.

2. Foaming all over

Another fabulous way to decorate pegs is courtesy of one of my teaching partners.  She found this foam craft at the cheap store and sliced it on the paper slicer, how clever is she!  We used hot glue to put them onto the pegs, she did give me permission to share this with you all.  We put velcro on the back and voila, ready to go.

3.  Cutify

We found these pegs that already had some cute little wooden insects glued on to them, but I think if you had something like this laying around you could definitely hot glue them on and create a theme of pegs for your room.  It wouldn't matter if it was painted or not, this set already was but if you had time and you were feeling super crafty this is a super cute way to display work.

4.  Tape it up!
One of the easiest and fastest way to cover a boring old wooden peg is to use tape.  I have used Washi tape here as well as patterned and colored duct tape.  Just put it on to cover the peg and then trim to where you need it.  Super easy, super fast!  The great thing about using tape is that you can change it out to suit your room theme as it peels off really easily.

5. Dye-ing to do this
I have to preface this by saying I haven't personally done this but a friend of mine has so I don't have any personal photos to show you.  Dying wooden pegs is an easy job but I do think you need a weekend to complete the task so they have enough drying time before you put velcro or pins on the back.  You could use fabric dye or I have heard that using tempura powder paint also works.  The only piece of advice I would give is to wear gloves when you are doing this or you will have technicolor hands for a while.

cute clothespin - Google Search

I am sure there are a thousand more ways to decorate a peg.....ok maybe not thousands but I am positive there would be people who could add to this list!

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