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Tuesday 30 September 2014

Hello Sydney!

Helllooo friends!  

I have just started our Spring break holidays and it could not have started any better than this!  
WARNING: This post will have a soppy factor....

Back in the day when I started this blogging journey I was always excited to find an Aussie blog, friends, they were few and far between.  

There are some beautiful ladies that were the first Aussies bloggers that I made a connection with that has turned into some of the best friendships I have ever had.  Sounds kind of weird but we have been chatting and supporting each other for 2 years now online and I count these fabulous ladies as my support in so much more than TpT and blogging, we have been there for each other for personal milestones, kids, school issues and so much more.  Truthfully there are some things I would not have gotten through without these gals...(soppy factor right there people)

Well we recently had the fortune of being able to all be in Sydney at the same time to meet IN REAL LIFE!  REAL LIFE PEOPLE!  It was so weird (in a good way) to talk to these gals without typing heehee.

So without further ado here are the requisite photos

From this side to the other side :)
ME in the front :)
No I am not ducking down, Yes that is my actual height, Yes I do know I am so little, Yes I do wear heels ALL THE TIME and Yes I can run in them. Glad we got that sorted out.

Look at those beautiful ladies!  You can't see in the photo but there were fireworks going off behind us at Darling Harbour, we are pretty sure it was in honour of us.

We were staying at the Park Royal and started off with a few healthy drinks and nibbles, oh lordy there was so much laughing and hugging and smiling, it was a regular love fest people.  Then we went to dinner at Darling Harbour

Tiramasu oh, the yumminess!

Italian dinner, yum!  Those 2 boys, not bloggers, not at all.  They were security detail, because we are such celebs in this country doncha know!  Alright, alright they were a couple of husbands that came along for the fun.  Not mine though, I left mine to babysit :)

Before we went out though, Brooke and Mel presented us with some fun gifts.  Here is Mel's gift to us, a block of chocolate with her trademark super cute clipart wrapped around it.

Brooke brought some Go Noodle goodies including a lanyard with our blog buttons on it.

I count myself so lucky to have met these lovely ladies, there is clearly more to this story and I will definitely be getting to those in the next couple of posts because there was too much fun to be had for just one post.
See you soon!

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