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Saturday 14 February 2015

Five for Friday

I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday (on a Saturday)

 This may seem a bit morbid, we took a walk around the city last weekend on our way to the wooden boat festival at the wharf and came across this wall near one of our gorgeous parks.  The are the headstones from a veeeerrry old cemetery that is no longer there.  It dates back to some of the first settlers in Tasmania and I just found it so fascinating!  I love the history in our city, there are so many stories!

As I said above we went to the wooden boat festival....and I forgot to take a photo of the wooden boats, whoops!  I did take a photo of the naval frigate that was docked for the festival.  There were so many people, great food and the weather was lovely.  We also went to the Regatta which is a boat race that has been running for 186 years, they had a small carnival going on there and the young mister had an absolute ball on the slide.  I went on the gravitron for the very first time in my life (my daughter went with me to hold my hand)  I have to say I was not impressed, the only good thing that came from that ride was you couldn't see my wrinkle (according to my daughter).

 We have been using the bouncing ball app in our classroom to monitor the noise levels, it just feels very loud in my room.  The deal was if the balls bounced too high/often they lost some playtime.  I am happy to say nobody lost any play time.  :)

We have been looking at odd and even numbers this week and we played Odd Todd Even Steven from Rachel Lynnette. As I have grade 3's I needed to make sure I was making it a little more involved than just identifying the last number as odd/even so we used multiple dice to add or subtract and then decide on odd or even.

We also did an investigation using the dice and adding 2 even numbers, 2 odd numbers and an odd and even number.  The kiddos were so involved in this investigation that you could have heard a pin drop! We shared our findings and made a chart (which I forgot to take a photo of!
Next week we move on to place value!

I wanted to do a quick art activity on Friday, so we made these warm and cool colour hearts, I love how bright they are!

Oh one more thing!  I uploaded a cah-ute kids word wall headers file this week.  They are up in my classroom and ready for the expanding vocabulary we will have this year.  Just click on the pic below to get your copy.

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