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Saturday 28 February 2015

Five for Friday

Hey Friends!

I have to tell you I have been super busy this week!  I am now officially a Year 2 teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays and a Year 3 teacher on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Needless to say, I have hit the ground running.  I did manage to get t few pics this week so lets go!

We celebrated my little, big girl's birthday this week.  She is so grown up now and I am always proud of her, it always seems like just yesterday that she was in my arms :) We really enjoyed out chocolate mousse 'capuccino's'

We have been using my 3D shape packet this week.  In particular we have been sorting pyramids and prisms.  We had an amazing discussion about whether cylinders were a prism and after much investigation from the students they found that they didn't fit into either category.  I had such a great time with them on this and they really got into discussing with each other what they had found.  If you want to see more of this pack just click on the pic above.

We have been investigating the characteristics of living and non living things in our Science Unit and the students got to observe the baby snails I had found in my garden last week.  The had to write reasons for why they thought they would be living and do a labelled diagram.  We are all working hard on labelled diagrams to make sure we show the most important aspects of the specimen. 

I am working on a Narrative pack for my class and hope to have it finished and ready for TpT after we have used it and I have done the fine tuning.  Yesterday we looked at character traits and some of my littles found it tricky to find words about a character that was about their personality rather than about events that happened to that character or things that the character did.  We are going to be delving further into this next week.

We have been reading a fantastic Autralian book series called Our Australian Girl: The Grace Stories.  We are on Book 1 Meet Grace.  

Book Cover:  Our Australian Girl: Meet Grace (Book 1)

It follows the story of an orphan girl in 1808 and her journey from London to Australia.  I have to tell you we are all hooked, the rapt expressions on their faces when I say "Let's find out what happens to Grace next!" gives me such a thrill.  There are many other girls to meet in other series and it gives the kiddos an insight to the early history of Australia from a child's perspective, they are loving some of the new (old) vocabulary in the book and even the boys are really into it.  You can find them for sale here.


  1. THanks for sharing! I love meeting Aussie teachers, I'm pretty intrigued by your country and my husband spent a couple of years around Sydney. I'm going to have check out that book series. Thanks again!
    Simple Insights

  2. I love your snail idea :) I'm teaching yr 3 this year and it's given me some ideas for our living things unit. Thanks for sharing!