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Saturday 14 March 2015

Boxes for measuring

Oh yikes!  I have been a terrible blogger lately, life has been hectic now that I am on 2 different year levels.
So I am going to try to make a commitment to at LEAST one post a week.  I guess I have a lot to catch everyone up on but I wanted to share what we have been doing in my year 2 classroom today.

In Year 2 we have been using boxes to explore measurement.  First we made a list of what we could measure on our boxes, the kiddos came up with words like "around the outside" which I then put on the board and added the word perimeter.  We also identified length, width and depth as well as volume, area and capacity.  I did make an anchor chart which I am thankful I did NOT take a photo of because it had a spelling error on it (which my teaching partner delightfully pointed out).  So I have to redo the anchor chart.

We focussed on length, height and depth this week and used a variety of items to measure them with. We discussed that we would need to use the same item to measure the entire length and where they would need to start and finish.

We used unifix blocks, counters, pop sticks, paper clips and units blocks

Then they went for it!  

We had an interesting discussion about measuring height and length with the counters, all of them laid the counters down side by side to measure length but then stacked them to measure height.  Some of them were thrilled to find that their box was reaching 68 counters high on such a small box, heehee.  There was a collective Ohhhhh! when we talked about how we would need to measure length with the counters stacked as well for it to be accurate.

Next week we will look at area and perimeter with our boxes.

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