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Sunday 22 March 2015

Five for Frunday

You know that commitment I made to blogging at LEAST once a week, well I am kinda struggling with that.  I think I had some kind of meeting after school last week every single day, I wish I was kidding but I am not.  We also started our swimming program, ugh nightmare city!

Anywho I am here now so time to share!

One of my gorgeous teaching partners brought lunch in for me this week, it was yummy!  This was a beautiful tomato salad after I had demolished half of it.  So thoughtful!

I got a lovely bunch of flowers from the hubs for just because!

I did do some school things!  In Year 2 we started our investigation into area using boxes.  Next week we look at perimeter.

This weekend my husband marched in the Operation Slipper march.  It was to officially welcome home the troops from Aghanistan.  

We managed to get in a bit of abseiling this week.  This was the first time our kids had done it so we chose a very small cliff face.  I was sooooo proud that they both went over the first time even though they were both really scared.  After the first time going down with Dad, they went solo, then together. I even managed a couple of trips down and did quite well.

I have been working on this little project and had hoped to have it finished.  It will have all the templates I have been using for our Personal Interest Project in our classroom.  Hope to have it ready to upload tonight.


  1. Hi Tania, Yep, I know about that struggle to post weekly. Some weeks are harder than others! I love you husband's tallllllll hat in the photo :) And WOW, that your kids can go over a cliff... and you, too! I'll have to check out your Personal Interest projects. See you around. kathleen
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