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Monday 23 March 2015

Woven Easter Baskets

We only have a week and a half before we finish this term, so that means squeezing in some Easter fun!  We have been making these fabulous Easter baskets in anticipation of the Easter Bunny visiting :)

How did we do it?  Here is your step by step tutorial.  Just a warning.....loads of pics.

1. Using 2 different colours  we used strips of paper to start our weaving making sure you leave some ends out.  We only used 3 strips as the long ends so that the basket wouldn't be too tall.

The length of the woven mat will depend on the circumference of your basket.  Glue down the strips when you have finished, this can be easily done by lifting a strip putting a dab of glue and putting it back down.  Make sure you do both sides.  This will give your basket stability and ensure the strips don't move around.

2. On one long side fold up every second strip that has ended UNDER the last strip

3. Glue down the strip from the other side, folding it over the top.  This will be the top of your basket and the folded side will be part of the base.

4. Cut off any strips that are now hanging out. If they were glued down properly they won't fall out!

5. This is what your woven mat should look like now!  You just need two circles cut for the outer and inner base, I just folded over a piece of card, traced around a cup and asked the students to cut out the circle.  Make sure your students write their name on one side first.

6. Roll the woven mat up until it is roughly the circumference of the coloured circle.  Trim and glue down the edges of the woven mat to create a cylinder.

7. Put glue all over one of the cirlces then lower the woven cylinder onto the mat folding the longer strips in.

8. Put glue all over the other circle and then put it inside the basket to cover the long strips.  This will give the base of your basket extra support and strength when picked're almost done!!!

9. Final touch is to put a handle on your Easter masterpiece.  We stapled them on and I will be tying 2 ribbons around the handle to hide the ugly staples.  If you staple it onto the join it will give it extra strength to hold together.

10. The only thing left to do now is to fill it with some Easter straw and wait for the Bunny to arrive.  


  1. They look very cute. How long did they take to make?

  2. With Grade 2's it takes about 15 minutes if they know how to weave, longer if they don't. I helped them in small groups, so while the class was working independently I called over small groups and got the whole class done over 2 afternoons.

  3. Did you use cardstock or construction paper for this? How long and wide are your strips.

    1. Sorry it took so long to get back to you! I did use cardstock for this project.