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Saturday 7 April 2018

A Cautionary tale for Teachers..or...always use the paper slicer

Hi Friends!  

I wanted to share a tale of caution with you today and why it is always a better idea to use the paper slicer instead of the scissors.

The other day my son came home very excited about the great day he had in Science class, this is super I thought because Science is not one of his strong subjects.  I asked him what was so great about it and he told me that they had been doing an assessment.  I want you to remember that word, assessment.

The students had been given a matching activity and were told they could work in pairs to match the title to the description and a picture.  My son was quite proud of himself in choosing "the smartest kid in the class" as his partner.  He matched the first picture with a description, which he said was a complete guess, his partner assured him it was correct so he carefully pushed the two pieces of paper together.  As he did this he realised that the teacher had used scissors to cut the what you might he worked out that it wasn't completely straight.  Then he worked out that he didn't have to do any actual thinking for this task, he just had to line the pieces back up like a puzzle!  

Those boys were the only ones in the class that got it 100% correct!  He got an A for the assessment.....remember this was an assessment....

I have to tell you I don't know whether I should be proud of him for thinking outside the box, or completely ashamed of him for not doing the learning.  I gotta tell you, I am leaning toward the former.  He of course, is in awe of himself for seeing something no one else did.

So what do you take away from this post?

Always, always use the paper slicer because there will always, always be one kid there who thinks outside the box!


  1. Those are some top tier problem solving skills at work right there! Clever boy.

    Little Bookish Teacher

  2. I just love his thinking, what an amazing problem solver

  3. Hahaha!
    You raised an honest boy!!! You should be proud :)