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Sunday 29 April 2018

Mothers Day

We all agree that Mum's are special people right!  I love that we get to share and show our students that the females in our lives who care for and love us should be celebrated.  I love asking my kiddos why that person is special to them, they usually always answer with what that person does for them, here are some quotes from my kiddos,

Why is Mum so special?

"Because she makes my favourite dinner."
"She always reads me stories"
"My mum smells good and hugs me all the time"
"She can do cartwheels with sparklers in her hands and toes"

Ok, that last one was about me haha!  But seriously it is what makes me special.

So in honour of the wonderful women in our kiddos lives I have updated my Mothers Day craft pack, you can get yours here

Here are a couple of examples of the crafts that are included in the pack.  

Which Mum would not love a vase of flowers, you can personalise this with more flowers or special messages on the petals

I love this puffy heart decoration, you can easily spray this with some lavender or rose oil to make it smell pretty to hang in the cupboard to make Mum's clothes smell nice.

These are just a couple of examples of what is in the pack, there are also some writing activities as well as cards to make.  I hope your kiddos love making these for someone special in their lives even if they can't do cartwheels with sparklers!

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