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Saturday 14 April 2018

Spring or Autumn?

Hi Friends!

Are you in the Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere?

Down Under we are heading into Autumn, the weather is starting to cool slightly and I am definitely seeing signs of leaves turning colour.  It feels like it has been a bit late this year and quite frankly I am ok with that, the longer I don't have to wear Winter clothes the better I say!

I know that there are some crazy people out there who love the thought of getting out the Winter woollies and getting out into the brisk air.....but I am not one of them, if I could follow the sun year round I sure would!

To get into the mood of Autumn or Spring I am sharing a great freebie with you today!

Use this 5 senses Poem to get your students thinking about what they see, hear, feel, taste and touch in the different seasons. There is a template for each season and one generic one to use for any topic!

Just click on the pics to get your copy!

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