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Monday 24 June 2013

Lunch for a relief teacher

I have just started heading back into the classroom as a relief (or sub) teacher and as many of you know it can be a very last minute call in the morning.  Consider this scenario

It is 7:30 am, the children are eating breakfast, their uniforms are out ready for them to get dressed, their lunchboxes are at the ready packed with nutritious healthy food (most of it anyway, maybe one little treat in there.)  Things are running smoothly...then the phone rings at 7:50, can you come in today? Well of course I can!  Can I be there by 8:30?  Sure!  This is where things usually head downhill because most likey I am stiull in my pyjamas, hair not done drinking coffee.  I run in for a quick shower, order the children to be dressed by the time I am finished (knowing they won't be) and try to make myself look presentable.  We end up out the door with enough time to spare.

What is the thing that gets left out....usually lunch, my lunch.  I have been trying to make a concerted effort to pack a healthy lunch for myself even when I get called in last minute.  It's not always easy though as most mornings like this end up in utter chaos.  So I decided to have a ready to go lunchbox in the cupboard to grab and go.

What do I pack in here, anything non perishable and healthy that will get me through the day.  I always put in my own mug as well as teabags or coffee as I find it easier to have on hand, I also have small UHT milk or I fill a small thermos with fresh milk.  The other items in my lunch bag at the moment are usually a soup (winter here) that can be reheated, crackers and tuna,  dried fruit (cranberries ar my fave at the moment) and then I will usually throw in some fresh fruit as I go out the door or some cheese slices.
This is what is in my lunch bag right now

Apart from the banana and apple which I would grab as I go I have

  • 2 types of soup, one that you reconstitute with hot water (cup-a- soup) and one that can be microwaved (it has the green lid).  I usually find the packet soup easier if you have playground duty.  
  • crackers
  • tuna (mustard flavoured)
  • dried pineapple
  • tiny teddies ( a weakness)
  • my mug and teabags
Now tell me friends will I be hungry, no way.  All of these items will stay fresh in my lunch bag for quite some time.
One thing I would NEVER put in my lunch bag is any nut or nut derived products as you never know if you may end up at a school that is nut free.
There are so many things you could keep in a lunch bag that will not go off or spoil and is healthy so it is easy to grab and go on your way out for those last minute call ins.

Now I know all of my Northern Hemisphere friends would like to see a Summer grab and go lunch bag post and I promise to do one next time but right now I have to go and read with some littles at my kids school.
Feel free to leave a comment telling me what you would put in a grab and go lunch bag.  I am always up for new ideas!

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