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Tuesday 11 June 2013

Mum's and Dad's bundled together

Hi Friends,

Well still here in the hotel waiting for our furniture to arrive and have been working on a number of different products I have started and stopped and started again.  So close to finishing my volume and capacity unit, but in the meantime I have updated my Fathers Day card and gift set and bundled my Mothers Day and Fathers Day packets so you can have both at a reduced price!  Love a bargain!  Click on either pic to go to the bundle.

I am going toleave you with a few pics of Hobart and a little day trip we took on the long weekend

This is looking at Mt Wellington from our hotel.  There will be snow on the mountain when the weather cools down

We are finally near the ocean, and you know how kids just don't seem to feel the cold?  Well his feet were like iceblocks after frolicking in the waves for about half an hour.  This beach is about 5 min from where we will be living.

This is an old convict coal mine about an hour out of Hobart, it is nearly 200 yrs old and has a very dark history but very interesting.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little tour, looking at putting some new products up this week before our furniture arrives on Friday!!!!  Woohoo!

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  1. I can't believe you actually got to see Mt Wellington - when were in Hobart, we drove up to it and still couldn't see it! We drove up it and still couldn't see, so we just went to the brewery instead - much better idea!

    Enjoy your weekend Tania!

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