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Sunday 16 November 2014

Bright Ideas Round up!

Hey friends!  This month some amazing bloggers are joining together again to showcase some of their amazing Bright Ideas we have shared over the last few months.  Look below and you will find the Bright Ideas I have blogged about, just click on the pics to check out each one, then browse through the linky to find more!

Here are some great laminating tips to help you get the most from your laminating!

Need some ideas for decorating pegs?  This post has 5 ways you can brighten and sparkle your boards.

Show and Tell can be a snooze fest, liven it up with these 5 ideas!

Dice and card games are always a favorite in my class, here are a few ideas to use in your classroom.

Do you have students who have ASD?  This post will give you some great ideas for helping your students cope with the ever changing classroom.

The Literacy Shed is a free website that I have used in many grade levels across the school, we love it!  

The Literacy Shed

I have lovely parents that bring in old newspapers, sometimes they pile up and here I share the ways I use newspapers in my classroom.

You will never be lost again with this Bright Idea!

My latest post shares how we learn about fractions in our Year 2 classroom

I hope you find a few ideas to help you out in your classroom.  Make sure you check out the linky below to visit other wonderful bloggers with Bright Ideas just for you!

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