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Saturday 15 November 2014

Five For Friday!

Wow!  Life is so busy at the moment I only seem to be posting Five for Friday....not that it is a bad thing, but I do hope to go back to a more regular schedule soon!  Anywho, here goes :)

We started the week with a school triathlon for the Years 3-6's.  My very active son (pretend I am raising my eyebrows here) didn't participate but certainly cheered on the participants. It was a freezing day so the surf swim section was shortened a bit :)  I'm sure the participants were grateful!

We also had our K-2 Athletics day, there were running races and fun activities like egg and spoon and sack races.  I did not use blu tak to hold my egg on AND it did not fall off!  I am just super talented at egg and spoon, (it's all in the knees)

Tonight I am heading off to a BBQ, love a good Barbie (say that in an Aussie accent)  If I am not cooking it is always a good meal!  :)  Oh that came out wrong....I am a VERY good cook, I just don't enjoy it that much.  Seriously everything I make is delicious but I find it a chore.  It is a tough life to be so talented at something you don't love doing.  

We have been looking at arrays this week, so we did a hunt around our room and drew what we found in our books.  Funny story...I told the kiddos to see if they could find some A-RRAYS at home and draw a pic or take a photo and bring it in next week......I got a phone call from a parent asking did her son have to bring in A RAZOR???  Yikes!

We have staggered assemblies so we don't have one every week and each week a different grade shares.  This week my class and my son's class did sharing.

These are my cutie Year 2's leading the assembly.  They read out the announcements and lead everyone in singing the national anthem.  Big job for little people!

This is my son interviewing a person who arrived on the First Fleet.  First he has to sort out the microphone hee hee.  

That's it for me, head over to link up or read about other lovely teachers and their week!

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