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Saturday 8 November 2014

Five for Friday!

We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary earlier this week and my husband hid these flowers in the garage overnight so he could give them to me first thing in the morning.  Feels like it was just yesterday we were walking down the aisle!

This cutie had his 10th birthday as well this week, seriously people time is just moving a little fast for me, he cannot be ten!  
He loved all the spy gadgets he got for his birthday, he is still really into make believe play which I am so grateful for.  I don't want his childhood to pass to quickly.

My TA made this really fun moonsand from flour and baby oil.  It holds its shape when you squeeze it into different moulds or in your hands.  The kiddos love it and we encourage them to squeeze the sand and push it into lots of different moulds to work those muscles in their fingers and hands.  

Report writing season is upon us here and I am supposed to be doing that instead of this.....we all know I am not going to get started.  I still have my fractions unit to finish off before I do reports!!  Priorities people.

November 11 is Remembrance Day here in Australia and I won't be in my Grade 2 classroom so we made our poppies this week instead.  I did forget to take pics of the ones we did yesterday so here is the one I prepared earlier, hahaha!  I tell you I could be a comedian.  Really if you want to see how we did it check out this post here.

That is it for me, I am off to procrastinate finish some things that really need to be finished before I do anything else.  
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