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Sunday 2 November 2014

Food Fractions!

We have been investigating fractions in our Grade 2 classroom over the last 2 weeks.  We started off looking at fractions of a shape with this fun activity.

We then moved on to looking at a fraction of a collection.

We used popsticks as a whole group so we could learn from each other.

Then we each made a paddock in our books  and used blocks as 'farm animal' to show a fraction of a collection.

Next week we will be reviewing with a new file I am currently making that includes a game as well as read the room, the pizza activity and lots of other fun ways to explore fractions.  
Don't like pizza?  (WHAT!)  I also have it as a cookie unit :)

Here is a sneak peek.  When it is finished I will pick one lucky person to get their free copy.....stay tuned!

Like what you see?  It should be up and ready to go by tomorrow.

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  1. I like the way you have explained how you have introduced fractions and built on it. I especially like the paddock notion, one for the memory bank! Great stuff Tania!