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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Papier Mache bowls

I wanted to share some of the art work I have been doing with a Year 4 class.  I take them once a week for the last session of the day and we ALWAYS do art, so I then become their favorite teacher :)

This week we finished a project we have been working on for a little while.  We made these beautiful papier mache bowls, I love the colors and the patterns they have created!  

I haven't got any progressive pics as it was a very hands on, messy process and my hands were right in there with them, not camera friendly hands.

We used plastic bowls as our mould and layered the bowl with newspaper strips about 5 cm wide, that had been soaked in a mixture of PVA glue and water.  I don't have any exact measurements of what I used, I just put in glue and added water until I got a runny consistency.  (I kind of cook like that too :)  don't ask me for a recipe what you will get is I put some of this in there and about a handful of that in there, I stirred it for a while and then I put it in the oven until it looked cooked and smelt great.)

We had to make sure it had about 4 layers of papier mache on and let them dry.  Once dry we trimmed the edges and painted the outside and inside of the bowl with a layer of white paint, letting each side dry in between.  If you are using a lighter color like the orange pictured above you might need a couple of white paint layers to hide the newsprint if you want, (learn from my mistake).  
We then painted the colored paint over the top.  We used the plastic bowls to put the paper bowls in whilst painting to help it keep its shape while the paint was wet.  

The kiddos then used oil pastels to draw their patterns on, we were focussed on our patterns having a South American flavour to them.  Finally I gave the bowls a spray with a fixative to seal it.

I hope you love these and can take a few ideas for papier mache from this.  

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  1. Love these Tania! No wonder you are their favourite teacher!