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Monday 6 October 2014

Money, money, money!

This one is for all my Aussie peeps out there!

I have had this one on the back burner for a while now, but heading into Term 4 in about a week we will be hitting hard on the topic of money!

To help my kiddos grasp the concept of counting money and making change I have made this little file ready to go.

It includes posters, games, identifying notes and coins, adding coins, matching coins and notes to a price and making change.

Here you can see the posters and puzzles to match coins and notes.  There is also a game called Money Maze, this is differentiated so you can have 3 different levels of play happening simultaneously.

More games to encourage counting money and identifying coins and notes.  Match it to $1 and $2 is self correcting so that students are able to check their answers.  Flip and Check is also a self correcting way for students to identify notes and coins, students identify the coin and then turn over the corresponding word, they will know if they have it correct because at the end they will get a tick, if not they must go back and identify where the error was.
Roll and Cover is another coins and notes identification game with the added challenge of counting what you have covered.  

Finally some shopping activities!  There are 36 cards with items and coins to show the price of the item.  I have included 3 different activities for these cards

1.Feed Me requires students to decide which meal they want to make for their family, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Then students record what items they want and record the price, finally they need to total what they have bought and record it.  To increase the difficulty the teacher can challenge students to find the change from $10 or whatever the amount they have chosen.

2. Show Me The Money will require plastic or play money, students need to choose a card and show a different way to make that price than what is shown on the card.  This is a great activity for Maths Centers.

3. Spin and Shop is a fun way for students to count money.  You will need the provided spinners, a paperclip and a pencil.  Students spin and add coins, once they have a total they can then decide what items they can buy using the shopping cards.  This can be recorded by either drawing or writing on the recording sheet.

There is also 2 worksheets included one is a cut and paste the coins for the item and the second one is a colour the coins to match the price.

The best news is that I am extending my half price sale on this for another day so just click on any of the pics above to grab a bargain!

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