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Thursday 16 August 2012

Oh What a Night

Wow!!!  Last night we had our Dance Spectacular at school.  This is a concert that showcases the dances our students have learned in the previous term.  We are very lucky in that we have a visiting professional dancer teach and choreograph our dances for a 10 week block, then over the next few weeks we practice the dance with our class.  We make or hire the costumes and are often working right up to the last minute to get it right, then in Spectacular fashion we perform our dances for the families.
This year my class were parrots and performed a dance to the song "Take me to Rio" from the movie Rio, we looked fabulous with lots of bling and feathers!  As some of you may know I have a special needs student in my class, "Mary" and she requires quite a bit of support to get through the day, this includes performing the dance.  I was very lucky to be able to dance with "Mary" and help support her through the dance.  She was AMAZING and so excited to perform, and just like me she does love a dress up so we had lots of mutual admiration for each others costumes.  Here are is a pic of my class enjoying their performance and a special pic of me and my special dancing friend.

A HUGE congratulations to my whole class who performed beautifully and who also supported "Mary" throughout the whole process.  I will be including how I made the wings for our costume in the next Monday Made It Linky, I was just too busy making and rehearsing to get up a blog about them earlier!


  1. Wow, look at their pose - they sure have spunk! Looks like a fun night!

    Down Under Teacher

  2. Wow Mrs Poultney! All the hard work paid off. You all look fab! Wish I could have seen the performance. Bet it was ACE!
    Abs xo