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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Snap and Go Fish

Just wanted to share a couple of items I have made while I have been home with sick kids over the last couple of days.  In between all the nose blowing, medicine taking, soothing and going to the doctors I managed to fit in a bit of blogging, a bit of creating and a bit of updating.
The first one I wanted to share with you is an update of a game I had made many years ago before I had any computer knowledge, I have revamped it and turned it into a digital file.  It is called CVC Rhyming Snap, kiddos get to Snap! if they have two cards that rhyme.  I still use this with my grade 3's purely because they like playing any kind of card game and it encourages visual discrimination.

I like to make my cards so that they have to be folded over before you laminate them, this way it stops that "see throughness" you can get sometimes when you print them on white paper and it is cheaper than printing onto card.

The second item I made is called Go Fish Alphabet.  It is great for Kinder and consolidation in Year 1, and is easily played independently if students know how to play Go Fish.  The students have to match letters with  the card that has the corresponding picture and word.  If they can't match it- well Go Fish and pick up.

Once again I have made these cards so that they have a front and a back.  

Well I have one kiddo still down and out with the flu so will be having another day off tomorrow, might be able to get to work on a couple more items- silver lining and all that. (:
If you like the look of these items you can check them out here at my store or by clicking on the picture.

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